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What's It Like to Own a Little Pig?

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Becoming the owner of a mini, teacup, or micro piglet requires a commitment to gain the animal's trust, which can be done with a little patience, by offering food rewards for good behavior, along with scratching and petting. Belly rubs go a long way in bonding with a pig. These Mini teacup piglets will grow to an average of between 15-40 pounds with proper feeding and care, a fraction of the size of the larger traditional Potbelly Pig. Mature Miniature teacup Pigs are 12-14” from hoof to shoulder, about the height of a stout medium size dog.

Juliana refers to the a mini breed. They are about the same size as are micro pigs. Most breeders Juliana or "teacup pigs" will grow to the size between 50-100 LBS. Because our have been bred to be small for many generations they have the best bloodlines you will find anywhere in the world. We have been able to get our adults average size do to an average between 15-40 LBS.

Teacup pigs usually grow until they reach the age of 4. The majority of the growing happens within the first 18 months. If you choose to keep your male or female unmodify and choose not to have it fixed it can grow to a larger size. We don't recommend this because they also become more moody. 

Prices and Shipping Details

Prices for piglets start at $1,000 for older piglets and from 1,800-3,000 for our micros and super micro piglets. The smallest sell for more and usually sell the quickest. Rare colors will sell for more. Juliana mini pigs also sell quickly. Juliana's can be identified by their spots. Shipping is free and included in the price. within the continental U.S. 

Is a Little Pig for You?

These gentle, intelligent animals are excellent indoor or outdoor family pets. Since they are by nature a clean animal, litter box training a piglet is easily done in about a week's time or they can be trained to use a pet door to go outside on their own. Is a Miniature or Teacup Pig the right pet for you? To find out, check out the Advantages and Disadvantages listed below.


  • ~Long life span (12-20 years)
  • ~Clean and with very little odor
  • ~Non-allergenic in most cases
  • ~No Fleas
  • ~Very little shedding
  • ~Quickly trained: litter box, tricks, harness, etc.
  • ~No barking
  • ~Non-destructive, unlike a puppy
  • ~Low maintenance: annual vet visit, low feed consumption
  • ~Communicative, affectionate, and intelligent


​~You may not have a vet available who knows how to treat teacup pigs.
~Pigs can become spoiled and manipulative.
~Pigs require a commitment of time and energy from their owners
~Can become aggressive if you don't neuter or spay.

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